Shannon Armitage, LMFT

Adult, Child, Couple, and Family Therapy in Seattle

Breaking Down Barriers to Wellness

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Many folks who I see in my private therapy practice have very challenging financial situations.  Even with a greatly reduced sliding scale rate, their fees represent a big financial commitment to wellness.  Though they struggle to make ends meet, they continue to do the work because to do otherwise would mean remaining stuck in unbearable situations.

I was overjoyed to learn that a client of mine received a Washington Women in Need grant, so she could continue our work together.  With her WWIN grant, she can focus on doing the work to get herself on track towards a healthy future for herself and her family, while easing the financial pressure that comes with ongoing therapy.  Since receiving the grant, I can see a renewed sense of hope and optimism that she can actively meet the needs of herself and her family.

If you are or know of a woman of limited means in need of health/educational services, please visit to find out about qualifying for a grant.  Help is out there!

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